Saturday, September 15, 2018

Fake news is at it again

Well I see the fake news, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post and many others. All these fake news outlets have been broadcasting day and night about Molly Tibbetts, the young college student in Iowa who was recently murdered. Now that they have discovered it was an illegal immigrant who murdered her, well they have actually shut down all their operations and left Iowa because that reporting no longer fits their open borders. Let everybody in our country to murder our college kids to rape and murder and plunge and kill and destroy our country. It no longer fits their narrative. So theyíre no longer reporting on the death of poor little Molly. What a disgusting crew of fake news they are. If it doesnít fit their radical, leftist agenda they just stop reporting on it. Theyíre nothing but fake news.

Canít help but cheat on sudoku

Iíve always enjoyed doing the sudoku and the crossword puzzle you put in the paper. Itís one of the best parts for me. Lately whoever is laying out parts of the paper is pretty dumb or something. Itís not quite right to have the puzzle right across on the next page with the answer on the prior page. Or to have the crossword puzzle and have the answer right next to it. Iím assuming since you do two days at once you find a little trouble. But it seems to me you could move some things so you had to turn several pages before you find the answers to either one. One day you even had the answers side-by-side with the problem. Somebody needs to stop and think a little bit about how that part is laid out. Thank you.

The cross-dressers are coming

While listening to a Christian radio station today I heard where they are allowing in the Lafayette Public Library, is allowing a transgender male, who is a cross-dresser, allowed to be coming in to the public library and reading storybooks to 3-to-6-year-olds. How do you like that for your liberal agenda affecting America. Watch out for the public libraries in your neighborhood. Itís coming our way. This is why we donít support Democrats. This is why we donít elect liberal, anarchist, socialist Democrats with these radical agendas. And now they have a bathroom in the Kansas City school district where first and second graders all go into the same bathroom. A transgender bathroom. This is why we donít support liberal, anarchist, cultural agendas. Vote Republican. Stop this madness.

Trump hasnít ruined country

Iím speaking out in reference to the title in Speakout ďTrump has ruined our country.Ē Well I sure like the way he runs our country a lot better than the way Obama ran our country. You know, Democrats believe in abortion and that isnít nothing but murder without due process. They believe in open borders. Wow. They donít believe in the tax break? Wow. Democrats are just crazy. They want our country run into the ground. Thank you.