Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Trump is smartest president of all time

Yes, I would like to speak out to that person who put this in the paper that Trump, our president of the United States of America, is ruining our country. Our country has been ruined now for the last eight to nine years because we had Mr. Obama in there, you understand that? President Trump has been ridiculed. Heís went in there and his family has been ridiculed. He has done no more than talking about making fun of other people. Look what theyíve done to his family. Making fun and poking fun. I donít know why President Trump even wants to be our president. He has been crucified from day one by the Democrats. The Democrats have spread nothing but hate. Hatred and discord among the American people and they are still doing it. Why canít they open up their eyes and see the truth. This is the smartest president that weíve ever had in office. They ought to open up their eyes and see that. Obama, what did he do for our country? He done nothing for our country. Nothing. And to let all those people enter this country illegally? Hey President Trump, go for it. Build that wall because I tell you what, we need our country back. Them people can take care of themselves and weíll take care of ourselves. Thank you for letting me speak out.

We are not a democracy

A democracy. Iím 77 years old and three times in my life I have lost my vote to the electoral college. And according to the Webster Dictionary, a form of government, by the people or through where elected representatives rule by the majority is whoís picking our president. We donít have a true democracy. A true democracy is one man, one vote and the majority of the people pick the candidate. So why are we being told we have a true democracy when we donít? We have an electoral college. Why donít we just say we have an electoral college instead of saying we have a democracy. Seventy-seven years of my life I have finally found out that our government ainít really true telling us the truth. Also, back in the days when all this took place, only the rich could afford to drive their buggies to where ever the caucuses was to vote. So the rich and the greedy have always controlled the election. I think itís time the rich and greedy donít get that chance anymore because you canít pass gas in Florida that they donít know about it two seconds later in New York. They might not smell it but itís happened and they know it. I really hope people would take a look at the big, white elephant in the room and how theyíre getting screwed over. I really thank you for letting me speak out because I hope before I die I see a change in this.