Friday, September 21, 2018

Sikeston DPS officers won’t wave back

I am just calling to speak out about the Sikeston DPS. They are supposed to be friendly, protect and serve. I have ridden by at least eight officers and waved and not one of them has waved back. The police in Charleston, Mo., will take their time, they will sit and talk and they’ll laugh and they’ll joke. If nothing else, they’ll wave. These police here in Sikeston are not friendly at all. They won’t wave and they’ll barely speak in the store. Now come on, how can you get rapport going with your citizens if you don’t want to speak to them or wave to them? Thank you.

Union put Noranda out of business

Yes, I was reading in the Sunday, Aug. 26, newspaper about Magnitude 7 Metals does workers injustice. I have a comment about Noranda shutting down. The union workers demanded high wages. They basically put Noranda out of business so why should any of us feel sorry for the union workers. You can’t feel sorry for them, demanding high wages while the rest of us have to live a normal life. Thank you.