Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Eat Zaxbyís salads

Zaxbyís has the best salads you could ever eat. I suggest everyone try Zaxbyís salads. They are the best. Thank you.

Where did Kimberly go?

I want to know where Kimberly on the Fox News at 5 is. If anyone knows could they put it in Speakout. Thank you.

She is dating Donald Trump Jr. and has joined the Trump 2020 campaign.

Charter is poor excuse

I believe that Charter Spectrum is the poorest excuse for TV, internet or phone service that I have ever saw in my life. Itís out all the time and I donít think anybody misses it enough to fix it. They need to take something off your bill but they donít. Everybody is sick of it. Thank you.

Plastic bag shock

I saw on the Channel 12 television the other morning where they are going to stop making plastic bags. And for why, I canít understand. And Iíd appreciate if youíd find out why they are going to stop making them and what they are going to replace them with. That covers a lot of territory. They say they are going to stop making plastic bags. We have plastic bags in just about everything. Everything. Trash bags, yard bags, leaf bags. About everything is made of plastic and I donít understand to why they are gonna stop making them. But thatís what they said on the TV that they are gonna stop making plastic bags. Will you please find out the why theyíre a gonna stop making them. Thank you for letting me speak out.

Kroger announced they will not be making plastic bags anymore because they are bad for the environment. The production of plastic bags wonít stop.

Sikeston egos are crushed

Oh Sikeston Bulldogs, I know they got some bruised egos this afternoon. Oh 64-0 last week and this week they get beat by a team thatís lost 16 in-a-row. You took your ego up there but you didnít take your game plan. You gotta take every game serious. Donít let your guard down with a record thatís ugly. Now youíve got a black eye and crushed ego. Now itís conference and all them. Letís play some ball and leave the ego at home. You guys are good. Show it. Prove it. Live it and learn it. God bless America.