Friday, September 28, 2018

Why is snail mail so slow?

Why does it take a mail man on East Gladys to deliver the mail and sometimes it is 5 oíclock when we get the mail? Thank you.

Abortion is wrong

I cannot believe all these crazy women are for abortion. All they are doing is killing innocent children and they should go to prison for murder. I can see if it means the motherís life, but other than that I cannot see a reason for an abortion. If you donít want an abortion, keep your panties on and your legs crossed and you probably wouldnít get pregnant. Or use birth control. That one man wants to reverse Roe and Wade and itís just being stupid. How would they like somebody to kill them before their life ever got started. One of these days those people are going to meet God. Letís see what he says about all that. He probably wonít be very happy. Thank you.

No more about dossier

I am living for the day I never hear the word dossier again.