Saturday, September 29, 2018

What is up with the post office?

Yes, I would like to know what is going on with the post office. You cannot get our mail. My mail was put out at 7 oíclock this morning. Itís 7 oíclock at night. It was never picked up out on Missouri and Presnell Drive. They want more money and we expect some service. Iím not able get up to the post office personally. I have to depend on them. So I was wondering if something could be done or explained to us why in the world the service has gotten so bad. Thank you for letting me talk about it.

Pick up trash after holidays

Yes, Iím calling in about the trash. I appreciate the way it is picked up with the new trash cans and everything. But I think that we, or the city of Sikeston, contracts with them to pick that up twice a week and when we have a holiday it should be picked up the following day because we pay for that. I know it would be a little bit of trouble but it needs to be picked up because when you have to go for a week, I mean it makes it foul. It stinks. Anyway they need to pick that up or take something off our bill because it is contracted to be picked up twice a week and we have a lot of holidays. And itís not right. They should come back the next day and pick it up. Thank you Speakout for letting me speak out.

The contract with the city includes them not picking up on holidays.

Democrat Party no longer exists

There is no longer a Democrat Party. It has been taken over by a left wing, radical, anarchist, socialist bunch of people who have agendas in place for not only one world order, one world government, one world religion. George Soros is right behind all of it. He is a radical, anarchist, socialist, self-identified as that. So there is no longer a Democrat Party that is the party of JFK. There is no longer a Democrat Party. They want nothing more than an overthrow of this government. The behavior they have expounded in the halls of the Congress this week at the hearings of Judge Kavanaugh is absolutely disgraceful to the world. These Democrats should be all sanctioned. Everyone of them should be sanctioned for putting these people up to coming in there and shouting down various speakers. Itís a disgrace to this country. But thatís what the new Democrat Party is all about. If you want to go back to higher taxes and all these radical, social issues, just continue to vote Democrat. Democrats donít care about anything but opening our borders and bringing in all these illegal immigrants into our country and giving them free college, free welfare, free medicine, free housing, free everything at the expense of the taxpayer of the United States of America paying for all this. When is enough, enough. Do not vote Democrat because it is no longer Democrat. When you are checking the box Democrat, your actually voting socialist.

What happened to the Book Bug?

I was just wondering if anyone knows why the Book Bug in Miner has not been open? Have they closed up for good? Thanks.

The Book Bug is still open for business.