Saturday, November 3, 2018

Final thoughts on Kavanaugh hearings

Iím sitting here the old white men in the Senate talk about the Kavanaugh. Those old men need to go. They are out of touch with reality. Thank you.

* * *

I donít know why in the world people want to pay attention to them ole women that said they got raped or touched 40 or 50 years ago. Why didnít they report it then? Some people are getting punished and being investigated and stuff for something they probably didnít even do. If you are drunk at a party how do you know what youíre doing? I donít understand all that stuff. They are probably lying through their teeth. Alright, thank you for letting me speak out.

* * *

I hope everyone will turn Channel 12 off and not watch it after yesterday. They way they done the judge Brett. I think it was just terrible. It was sickening and it made me sicker than ever to see a mess like that go on. Smart men up there a-treatiní another smart man the way they did. And thank you for letting me speak out.