Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Pharmacy is undercutting medicine

Yes, I was wanting to know if you can do a little investigation to see what the number is where I can call and find out over here in Mississippi County I get my prescription and just to make an example it has 60 blanks to be filled. Well when I go to the drug store, they will only put 54 in my bottle. And they told me it was something to do with Medicaid and insurance and kick backs. Well, I have called a couple of other pharmacies and they told me that was a lie. If you get a prescription that say 60 or say 30 thatís how many they have to give you. If they are giving you less, something is wrong or someone is crooked. I was wondering if you could find the number where I could report, or talk to someone about my medication being undercut. Thatís what I call it, being undercut. Because I have called and if there is anybody else over here in Mississippi County that your medicine is being done like that, please call Speakout. Get a number and letís all call. Just because weíre poor, I hurt myself working and I draw Social Security and this is wrong. Just because you are poor and on Medicaid doesnít mean the drugstores have the right to undercut your medicine. And then when the doctor asks to see your bottles and ask why you are eight short. ďThe drug stores did what? Well they canít do that.Ē Well, they did it. Could you just research and get me a number and put a number in that I could call about dirty pharmacies.

To file a complaint, you can contact the Missouri Board of Pharmacy by calling (573) 751-0091. Complaint forms are also available online via the Boardís website at http://pr.mo.gov/boards/pharmacy/375-0428_UCR.pdf