Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Honoring former President Bush

Today I want to let my Christmas lights stay on for 24 hours in honor of President Bush. A man with dignity, respect and love for America. He served our country well. I really thought a lot of him. He was inspiring. He was an inspiration. I will say to his family, his son, the former president, that your dad did a great job. He served us well. Thank you for his service as president and in all ways that he served. May you rest in peace President Bush. And may your family find strength in God. And I think I will speak for a lot of people that he was a very nice person. I really liked him. In honor of my former President, my Christmas lights will stay on for 24 hours in honor of him.

Stop with the school taxes

I have heard Kelly school is going to ask for a tax increase so they can build something else. They have school buses without heat or AC. Why donít they utilize their existing tax money instead of asking for more? The kids there donít have enough books, but the superintendent wants money for something not needed. Senior citizens cannot afford to keep being taxed. Put a stop to this. My school taxes were over $700. Ridiculous. Thank you for letting me speak out.