Saturday, December 22, 2018

Praying for caller to find Jesus

It was truly a heinous act, a disgraceful act that this disturbed man did to these three ladies in the Catholic book store. The molestation and murder of these women was a disgusting act. Christians condemn this violence and condemn this behavior. But as one of the previous callers stated, that Christians should be blamed for this, that this man at one time had been a pastor of a church, this man was clearly psychologically damaged. He was a disturbed individual. And these acts are not condoned by Christians or are they committed by Christians. And this person referred to Christians as being dumb, dumb, dumb. I wonder if they are referring to that fact that Christians are dumb because they believe in Jesus Christ? I donít know what the reference was, but that I am praying for you. You will find the grace of Jesus to bring you to salvation so that you may have eternal life with our dear God, our savior of the world. Once you truly learn the grace extended to you and learning the knowledge of God, you will understand the many blessings that will be overshowered in your life. I pray that you will understand that Christians do not condone this behavior and Trump is not part of this either. So I donít know what kind of reference or state of mind you are in but I pray that Jesus finds you and that you find Jesus.

What a coincidence

I was leaving the beauty shop one afternoon two weeks ago. I walked over to a car I thought was mine. It was the same make, model and year. The motor was running, but I have started my care before with the remote so I thought I maybe started it automatically without thinking. Then I looked down. Wow. I hesitated, looked and then looked again. Our two license plate numbers are exactly the same with the exception of one number. Where your plate has a 5, my plate has a 4. Amazing. I got in my car and drove away. Have a real good day.