Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Check the school buses before driving

Hello Southeast Missouri, hello Miner. My issue now is school buses. With it rainy, cloudy and getting dark, why donít you have your headlights on? And donít you do pre-trip, post-trip? I saw one today with a headlight out. I know you donít do pre-trip? You just get in there and sit on the seat and go. So you could care less about the kids safety or anyone else out there. You just want to a dang paycheck and go back to the house. Pay attention to safety. Your supervisor is just as guilty as you are. Címon there Sikeston. Letís get it together. Good night.

Union, non-union workers wise to stuff

Hey, Mike, I just got done reading your little piece in there about the right-to-work ship has sailed. Well, youíre right. I got to thinking how come the old Noranda plant is employing about 500-600 people that really will help Sikeston in the long run and all the surrounding towns. Well money circulating in the area is more money that will be spent and jobs created. Now I go on a little further there and now look how all of the businesses are going to the east and to the south and all that. Our representatives have got their head in the sand. Six or six-and-a-half percent state tax they charge on every worker you gotta pay and the company has to pay the same amount if Iím right. I think Iím right. How come they donít they knock that out and put in an 8-cent sales tax? I think that is what Tennessee, Kentucky and all them are doing and thatís why they are growing. Their state income tax is nothing but a slush fund built into the general fund for the politicians out there in Jeff City to do their little thing with so they the oneís that need to wake up. But us union workers and non-union workers weíre wise to this stuff now. I thank you for letting me have my time.

Those with Charter have it great

Yes, Iím calling in because I noticed that someone called in recently about Charter Communications. I just wanted to call in because they donít know how good theyíve got it with Charter. Because with Dish it is misery. I just wanted to let everybody know they had better stay with Charter and not ever go to Dish or any other satellite company. Because if the rain blows wrong or the wind blows or a storm, everything goes south. If you call them, to talk to them, to get technical support, not one person knows what to do. They keep you on the phone for 30-40 minutes and do absolutely nothing. So stay with Charter. Youíve got it great. Just wanted to say that.