Saturday, January 26, 2019

Immigrant stuff is a shame

Yes, I was over at Express Care and I kind of overheard a guy hurt his shoulder and the doctor from Missouri Delta was saying he needed physical therapy but he had Medicaid. I overheard the doctor say ďyou might as well give that up because the state wonít take the Medicaid but we would do this program and then we get a MRI and you will probably have to have surgery. But if you get physical therapy it would probably be 50 percent and you wouldnít have to have surgery. Medicaid wonít pay it.Ē Iím sitting here watching TV, seeing all these illegal immigrants get all this free medical stuff. What about Americans? As a United States citizen they would rather give health care and all kinds of benefits to illegal immigrants instead of us Americans. Itís a shame. I hope the gentleman gets physical therapy and doesnít have to go through surgery. Heís an older gentleman. Iím just saying this is a shame. And we should be ashamed of ourselves in the state of Missouri. The American people, itís citizens should be ashamed. We keep voting these people in and they keep doing it. Around here you donít see that many illegal immigrants but youíre seeing more. You go to St. Louis up in that area, thatís all you see now. Farmers and everything. Itís a shame. I hope that gentleman gets help. And I am a taxpayer too so I have a right to complain.

Gonna meet your maker one day

Well, religion is just childish mythology? Well someday you will meet your maker. It sounds like you are a godless person. Yes prayer does work. Yes, Iíve seen miracles. And I do read my Bible. Itís not theology, itís factual. If you donít have nothing else to do except pick on these people that are Christians, which Iím not, but Iím a firm believer in the Holy Bible. Any you some day will meet your maker.

Bye, bye, mayor

Itís a winter day here in the Heartland. Hello, Southeast Missouri; hello, Miner. Oh lord the paper come out and the first thing I saw, ďMiner mayor resigns.Ē Well, I guess thatís what happens when you donít particular pay attention to what youíre doing the last so many years. And you babysit the badge. You said you did all you can for the town. You got to do something first before you feel like you let yourself down. You let the town down of course. You broke us. So did the badge. So donít come off that you were so darn innocent. You couldnít manage a bag of beans. Anyway Miner, weíre going to get some people in there. Weíre going to clean the swamp. Take care people. Get out of this weather. God bless America.

Going to need a lot to clean up that swamp.

Thank you for paper placement

I would like to Speakout concerning my Standard Democrat paper. I want to thank the angel who puts my paper on my porch for me. And thank you for letting me speak out.