Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Why was name not mentioned?

Iím just talking about over here in East Prairie the 22 dogs that were removed from the East Prairie home. Everybody over here knows the house, the property owner and who it was. Yet it has been on KFVS12, been on TV, now itís in the newspapers and everything else. They still havenít named the property or the name. Now I guess it must be somebody a little bit important over here in East Prairie for that to happen. If that was me or somebody else out here working for 8, 9 bucks an hour, our name would be smeared all over the newspaper or television. So Iím just kind of waiting for yíall to put the name in. Iím just kind of wondering why yíall didnít put the name. Everybody over here already knows the name but I want to know why they didnít put the name or property owner. You know why, because that property owner of that place that was doing that, is supposed to be good citizens over here in East Prairie. That just show, if you got a little bit of money or not you still can be a dog.

Learn how to put gas in car

I have met several male drivers that donít know how to put gas in an auto, donít know how to raise the hood and check the oil and fluids and donít know how to change a flat tire. Auto mechanics and home economics should be mandatory classes in high school. It could actually cut down on bullying in high school.