Saturday, February 9, 2019

Democrats arenít to blame for spending

In the Jan. 9 Standard, I read congressman Jason Smithís article trying to blame the Democrats for big spending. I would remind him, that in the eight years just passed, though totally controlled by the Republicans, both house and senate, no congress in modern history has piled on more debt for our children than this Republican congress. The last balanced budget in the last 30 years was under President Clinton, who paid down the debt for almost three years after balancing the budget, until the people elected Bush, who blew that budget up again. You sure canít mislead the people and expect history to smile on you.

Atheist is wrong

This is to the atheist that was in Speakout. I donít know where you got your information but believe you me sir, you are wrong. There is a God. He is our father. He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. In Genesis, he speaks to where he created Adam and he breathed life into him. Anyone who can stand up and say there is not a God apparently you have never walked outside and have never looked at the vastness that is around you because it was all created by Him. How you get that Jesus was a scholar is totally beyond me. The Bible tells me that Jesus was a carpenter. Jesus is the only way to heaven. There is no other way. My Bible tells me that if I deny Him on earth He will deny me in heaven and I donít think that is something that you want to do. It really breaks my heart though because I have to wonder what churches are teaching these days. And really I know. I sit in some of them. Some of the greatest churches there is in numbers in Sikeston, Mo. And you can walk outside and ask the people in the church what did you hear, what did you get out of that sermon, and they would all have a blank look on their face. Because churches these days do not teach the word of God. Christians these days are ashamed of him. But I can assure you sir, if you have a problem knowing the real, true God, pick up an old black Holy Bible or set yourself down with someone who does know Him, because without Him, you would not be breathing. Thank you for letting me speak out.

Pro Russia?

Last week our congressman, Jason Smith, was the only Missouri congressman to vote for the Russians, to lower the sanctions Congress placed on them for invading Crimea and Georgia. In the Senate, our senator, Roy Blunt, was the only Missouri senator to also support the Russians. Thank you.