Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Trump was elected to build wall

As many of you good, faithful Republicans realize, we sent President Trump to Washington, we elected him to build this wall to stop this massive influx of these illegal immigrants into our country who are not only taking jobs to the lower wage income people. They are taking those jobs because they will work for a lot less. But they are also taking Medicaid and housing and education and food stamps and every other government handout they think they are entitled to. We sent President Trump there to build the wall to stop this insanity, to stop the sex trafficking of these young ladies being hauled by these coyotes. Theyíre being raped 10 and 15 a day on these trips and also to stop these drugs that are pouring in across the border, killing our children. So we want President Trump to build the wall but weíre at a deadlock here with Pelosi and Shumer, these Democrats who believed that it is more important to murder young children that are in their mamaís womb than to deal with these illegals coming across our border. So I urge everyone to call your congressman. I just discovered today that Senator Roy Blunt is against President Trump calling a national emergency and building the wall based on a national emergency. So I urge you all to contact your local congressman, senators by calling the US Congress at 1-800-756-6191.

Caller has common sense

Iím not a prophet like this Cortez gal, nor do I have a degree like she has, but I have something that she and other Democrats donít have, thatís common sense. I know a 70 percent tax increase wonít work. The government would have to house, clothe and feed its workers. You wonít find yourself a merry little socialist but an unhappy slave of the government. The politicians will become the nobility and we will become the peasants. Nobility likes the peasants uninformed and unarmed. They already have us uninformed via the fake news media. The pressure to take our guns will amp up now. I think if President Trump found a cure for cancer the Democrats would say the American people donít want it.