CMU students receive endowed scholarships

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

FAYETTE, Mo. ó Two local†Central Methodist University students are the recipients of scholarships.

Nathan Hampton, a physical education major from Sikeston, was named the recipient of the John and Marion Eberhard Downing Hall of Sponsors Scholarship.

Kirstin Noon, a health sciences major from Benton, was named the recipient of the William Sydney and Ethlyn Brown Penn Scholarship for Pre-Medicine.

One of CMUís highest honors is to be selected as a recipient of an endowed or Hall of Sponsors scholarship. These scholarships are assigned to CMUís best and brightest students based on high academic standards, and contribution to their school and community, according to the University.

All scholarships are awarded by a stewardship coordinator based on a studentís high academic performance, and following the donorís wishes.