Saturday, March 2, 2019

Atheist Ďputs it backí in Christianís face

Good afternoon Southeast Missouri, hello Miner, Missouri, itís another cold day in the Heartland, gonna be even colder. Well todayís paper, Feb. 10, Sunday, on Saturday, but anyway. My response to the individual preaching the sermon on ethics beliefs in the atheist are higher power, so if Iím wrong, my choice is my choice, right? You said your God and father. My father, I only have one, and he is here on earth. So, you know, I donít see where you picked up the old Holy Bible. You have your belief and thatís OK but donít condone mine and donít stick it down my throat. Have all your little churches and all this other stuff, home school and all this other stuff, it makes you better. So, if youíre such a Christian, donít badmouth people. Just pray for them in your own church or home. I donít care. You donít bother me. I just want to put it back in your face that youíre not as perfect as you say you are. Most hypocrites after Sunday is not. The horns come out and then they start coming back to the weekend and they start putting on their suit and tie and all that, sitting in churches with their ties and thatís fine. After that itís back to the back-stabbing society of the world. Not just America but the world. Thank you folks, ladies and gentlemen. God bless America.

Help keep kidsí clothes on

I thought the Sikeston schools were going to have monitors riding on the school buses. This is really needed with the older children especially. Every time school is back in session with the holiday or something, I see pieces of clothing in the street, or a shoe. I think the school administrative staff needs to cruise the streets of town and pick up pieces of clothing and check throughout the system for children arriving to school missing pieces of clothing. Find out who they are and who threw their clothes out the window of the bus, because I can guarantee you a bully on the bus did it and you can find out who if you try. I think we could eliminate an assistant coach or two or a school superintendent assistant. Weíd do a lot more good to use those salaries to hire some part-time school bus monitors for especially the junior high age and high school. There is no reason for any child to be afraid on the bus and it is too much of a distraction to have the bus driver to supervise all of that. Thatís one of my thoughts on the public schools.