Saturday, March 9, 2019

Time to impeach Trump

Trump wants this wall. The people donít want it. Why does he moan and moan about this stupid wall? We the people should have a say about this. We need roads and bridges. Our bridges are dangerous and need to be replaced. Trump needs to be impeached. He has no common sense. He has ruined the U.S. I sure hope we get him replaced if not impeached. The sooner the better. I donít think he wants the wall. He wants to keep a stink stirred up. Iíve seen on TV the military families that are having to live in indecent housing. Low, mice and roaches. Itís a shame that our boys, the military families are having to live in such buildings. Instead of building a wall we donít need, repair these houses for the military and fix a lot of our roads and bridges that need to be fixed for our safety. Iím really ashamed of Mr. Trump. He is not much of a president. Iím really ashamed of him. He donít care about the U.S. or the people who lives in it. Thank you.

A differing view on abortion

I would like to comment on ďAbortion is nothing but murder.Ē I beg to differ. That is not true. You have no idea exactly what those girls go through, what has been done. If theyíve been raped, if theyíve been molested, or if something has happened. It is not murder. I totally disagree with that. They have no idea. Youíve got to sit on their side and ask what exactly happened to this female. You know, things like that. Not totally assume it is murder. That is BS. Iím just saying. That caller is judging someone. That woman may go to church and do a lot of things. They have no earthly idea what has happened in the femaleís life. No idea. And they are completely judging in that Speakout column. I guarantee if someone has had an abortion they went to church, something has happened for them, and it just did not work out for them. Thank you.

Stop picking on the working man

Yeah, I see where that Charleston manager is going around to people trying to sell some clothes in front of the dollar store or maybe got barbecue on the side of the road, he makes them have a permit. But he wonít do anything about these illegal gambling machines in the city limits of Charleston thatís taking that money in and not paying any taxes on it. So, maybe he aught to check on that instead of just worrying about people trying to make a living selling a little barbecue or some clothes on the side of the street. Thank you.