Saturday, June 8, 2019

How can you protest abortion?

I cannot believe the women that are protesting abortion. They say that the government shouldnít have anything to do with them having an abortion. One of these days theyíre going to meet God and we will see what he says to them. Killing a baby is worse than killing a grown person. They canít defend themselves. If you donít want to get pregnant, keep your panties on or use birth control and donít kill an innocent baby. They should go to prison. The doctor and the woman unless it means the womanís health. Thank you.

Does anyone answer the phone?

I donít know why government offices and a lot places have telephone numbers and all you get are recordings and you never get to talk to a human. And if you do you, you might as well be talking to the recording because they donít know anything. That is beginning to aggravate everybody. Youíve got a phone number, a human should answer the phone and tell you what you need to know. That is ridiculous. Thank you.

AT&T shouldnít mow grass

Hello Southeast Missouri. Hello Miner. Why is AT&T telephone pulling a trailer with two lawnmowers on the back of it. I thought they were a technical group, with these trucks and stuff. They have these two John Deere turn around things. Unless they are mowing property of the telephone system, other than that I think let the people who do the mowing do the job. Anyway, have a great day.