Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Stop with all of the race stuff

Good afternoon Southeast Missouri. Oh I just got the paper and isnít it so nice to see. A report black Missouri drivers are 91% more likely to be stopped. OK, weíre babysitting the black thing again. They said 80% downtown St. Louis is more likely to be stopped if youíre a black driver. Thing about it is, 90% of the town is black downtown. Kansas City the same thing. So what do you expect? The average does go up. Itís common sense folks. African American, half of them donít even know where Africa is. Iím fed up with this dog gone black, white race and all the other races. Quit dwelling on it. They already own the NBA and football, what the heck? Lets get all this crap worked out and do what weíre supposed to do. To hell with the race stuff. Thank you.

For further insight on this report, see the Sunday, June 16 front page of the Standard Democrat.

Lower your gas prices, East Prairie

Címon gas owners over here in East Prairie. We only got a couple places to get gas. Yíall is 10 or 15 cents higher than Sikeston. Usually we are 10 cents cheaper. I just seen yíall getting your tanks filled in, just like I did in Sikeston. They sell their gas at $2.35, we sell our gas over here, we ainít that dumb or fool. Well, I donít know, we paying $60 for a water bill, $65 for a water bill over here in East Prairie and still ainít seen no changes. Roads still have those pot holes in them. You hit em you better go swimming in them. Címon, if not, I will call Speakout put for East Prairie residents to drive to Sikeston. Letís show them. If we all do, even if 10 or 20 people do it, thatís 10 or 20 people youíre losing out there. Címon, walk your butt out there and lower gas prices. Iíve seen the trucks out here. Same prices as Sikeston. Thank you.

Democrat speaks out on Trump

I thought this was interesting. The Department of Defense has not briefed Donald Trump about the intelligence they have gathered in the Middle East because they are concerned he will leak our secrets. Itís terrible to have President who fails to uphold the laws in our constitution, talks too much like a playground bully and lies to us every day. But if you are crippled by watching only Fox News then you donít know these things.