Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Trump did allow foreign influence

The right wing and Donald Trump want us to believe that the question about whether foreign influence should be allowed in our elections is hypothetical. How stupid do they think we are? We all know that it is not hypothetical, that it has already happened and Trump encouraged it. We all heard him gleefully ask the Russians to look for damage against his political opponents. Accepting information from foreign countries to use in an election is against our law and we now know our President broke that law.

Congress provides oversight

Trumpís buddies try to accuse the House of Representatives of investigating the president because they are just trying to pick on him for political reasons. That is not true. One of Congressís jobs, as set out in the constitution, is to investigate the president and possible wrong doing. Itís called oversight. Trump provides plenty to investigate with his big mouth.

Bernie Sanders is sexy

I have just surprised myself in that my initial reaction to a man in his late 70s is that heís sexy. Interesting. I donít even try or think about looking at men much that way. But, Bernie Sanders is sexy. And the reason is that he is real. He is true. He is the same as he has been for 40-something years. Heís honest. And he cares. And he has a broad vision. The only vision that will give ordinary Americans all the things, well, not all the things but just about all the things they need. And you know it. And he wonít be bringing Russians into the Heartland.