Saturday, July 13, 2019

Caller knows about immigration

Trump wants you to think that heíd help the poor migrant children if the Democrats would just give him money to do it. Hereís the deal. Congress wants to have a good immigration bill to solve this problem and help these people. But when they give money to Trump, he wastes it on a ridiculous wall. Heís already squandered $6 billion on just 45 miles of wall. Democrats donít want to spend your money like that and you shouldnít either. By the way, he guaranteed us Mexico was going to pay for the wall. Remember? I do.

Too many ads on television

Sometimes I wonder why people with Charter Spectrum cable ever have to pay a bill. All you get to see on there is commercials. You might see 20 minutes of an hour movie it seems like and the rest of it is commercials. Iím not the only one who wonders about it. They get all that many commercials you shouldnít have to pay a bill. Itís ridiculous. Iíve never saw a TV cable company with so many commercials. Thank you.

How do you know it was a man?

To the person who wrote the article to the Bible thumper and shot off his big mouth about abortion, how do you know it was a man? You said ďhisĒ big mouth. How did you know it was not me, Iím a woman. And I donít believe in abortion. I think itís murder and my god says itís murder. And abortion is not a womanís rights to reproductive rights. It has nothing to do with this. And you say you donít know God and the majority of the people in the United States donít believe in God, you sound like a Democrat to me. Well, Iíll tell you what. Iíll pray for you because you need prayers and you need Jesus in your life.