Saturday, August 17, 2019

Get rid of Pelosi and Trump

If Mr. Trump loves his country, how come he dodged the draft? He doesnít love his country. He talks about the poor women not loving their country. Heís a big liar. He needs to be impeached. I donít know why they donít ask the lot of the people what they think about him instead of Miss Pelosi. Maybe they need to get rid of her. Get rid of both of them.

They will ask the people what they think of Trump in the 2020 election.

Marines deserve every penalty they get

Hello, America, and I say that with the upmost respect. Iím American, Iím a marine and Iím a citizen of Miner and Iím appalled at what 16 young marines have done at the wall, Camp Pendleton-area down there. Smuggling dope and human smuggling and the thing about it is, half of their names are Spanish. So whatíre you going to do? I guess we gonna have to add on 1,400 or more rooms at Leavenworth because that is not right. I donít care what their last name is or their first name or whatever. A marine is to do his job. And if you get busted for doing something stupid, you deserve every penalty you get. And this right here, you should have life in prison. Semper fi. God bless America.

Lack of transportation makes for prisoners

Mr. Editor, I just heard yesterday that the Greyhound bus no longer stops in Sikeston. We have no passenger train connections with the outside world. I think you should do an article on transportation services here in Sikeston. It looks to be the case that if you donít have a car, if youíre old or you donít have much money, youíre a prisoner here. Is that true?

The bus stop is in Matthews, Mo., now, at Flying Js. You can get around Sikeston with Scott County Transit at 472-3030.

Please start spraying for mosquitoes

I was calling in about the mosquitoes. I wish they would please start spraying. They are just eating us up. I know they are worse this year because of the rain and everything. They say they spray late at night. I wish they would spray about 8 or 9 oíclock so at least we could see that they are spraying. And theyíre really bad. And I thank you for letting me speak out.

The City sprays late at night when there are less people out.