Sunday, August 25, 2019

Kind words about local business

I would like to leave some really positive comments about Barnett Family Eye Care. I live several states away but my parents still live in Sikeston and I make it a point to have my eye care performed by Barnett Family Eye Care. I live a medium-sized city and have lots of options but the customer service at Barnett Family Eye Care keeps me coming back. Courtney Cox, the optical technician and both Steve and Taylor Barnett are amazing. They make me feel like family. They go the extra mile and their prices are very reasonable and Iím happy to pay those prices for the kind of service that they offer. There are very few places these days that offer this kind of customer service so I want to commend them and urge everyone to have their eye care at this facility. Thanks to all at Barnett Family Eye Care.

The truth wonít change Democrats

I have a message for President Trump. Even though you tell the truth about a person and a city, you still get called a racist and a bigot. Iím sorry, thereís nothing you can do to change Democrats.