Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Medical marijuana an issue in Miner

Hello Southeast Missouri, Hello Miner, Missouri. Weíve got a serious issue here going on and itís not good. This so-called marijuana thing is just another back that the federal government and the state government are trying to make a dollar because they arenít smart enough to know how to make a revenue. But they want to go the illegal way basically because of the drugs. Drugs are drugs. I donít care what you label it. Medical marijuana, itís all drugs. Youíre still going to be out on the street. These clowns are gonna be driving. Iím a councilman in Miner, Mo., and I wonít vote for it. Weíve got enough junk on the street and weíve got enough stuff. They canít even drive without using their phones, cigarettes. But they canít use their signal lights. Ladies and gentleman, I could care less what Sikeston does and youíll find out what they just done. Here in Miner we care about our people but whatever filters in, we canít have no control over that. Pay attention. My vote is no. Have a great day and God bless America.

The medical marijuana law was overwhelmingly approved by the voters of Missouri and was not established by the state or federal government. Because the law was passed, cities, including Miner, cannot restrict the sale of medical marijuana. However, the cities can decide how far to keep the dispensaries away from schools, churches and day cares, up to 1,000 feet.