Saturday, August 31, 2019

Keep grass clippings out of street

Hello Miner, Missouri. This is in particular for Miner, Missouri. Iím a councilman here in Miner, Missouri. There was an ordinance just passed on grass clippings out in the street. And Iíve had some flack on it. I wasnít the one who brought up the whole thing. Abide by the law. Itís an ordinance. On Harrison and Ross or what have, I donít care where it is. Just blow it back into your own yard. Thatís all you gotta do. Thank you. God bless America.

Medical marijuana discussion

Good afternoon Southeast Missouri, Miner, Missouri. We have an issue coming up here in town, I see it on the 12th of this month, and itís a town house meeting, and they talk about having this so called medical marijuana dispensary here in Miner. The issue on my thought, is it commerce or is it moral. Church or state? The church donít pay for our bills here in our local government. They help to it, but overall other things bring in revenue to help ease the burden of the deficit. But there again, everybody has a choice. Iím just saying Sikeston passed it. Revenue is what weíre needing to get us back at the operating place. People be there if you want to Aug. 12 to be there at the meeting at 6:30. Anyway, thatís my thought on that subject.

* * *

P.S. on the local marijuana thing here in Miner. Itís not illegal. If it was illegal, they wouldnít let them come here to host the city on putting the dispensary here in our town. I donít do drugs and I donít approve drugs. Thatís the only way the federal government gets to let the dope dealers dictate because the federal government isnít smart enough to get us out of debt. So theyíre gonna use them. You can label it whatever you want to. Dope is dope. But still, if you legalize it. The towns need to get the benefits. Drugs are going to be out there. It might not be in front of your face but it is out there. You might not want to hear it but Iím just saying my PS.