Saturday, October 5, 2019

Why is alarm sounding?

Itís the middle of the afternoon, Friday, and a loud horn, alarm, has been sounded all over town for about a minute. Mr. Editor, you need to print in the paper, exactly what the alarm will be sounded for. What emergencies and how do the citizens of the town find out why the alarm is sounding. Because if we donít know, what good is the alarm if you donít know what it is for?

Caller wants everyone to stay home

I just wanted to say, these people that sit around and are half-dead when you talk to them, like this morning or tonight. But somebody calls and wants to go eat or go out, boy they are ready to go. I donít understand that. If youíre sick, youíre sick. I donít know. Maybe I might be wrong to think you shouldnít do that. If they can, they can. Itís crazy to moan and groan all the time that youíre sick and then loafer all the time. Thank you.

Trump and pals need to go to prison

I think Trump and his bunch need to for sure be sentenced to prison for child abuse, neglect and maybe even murder of the children who died. For what they have done to these children at the border. Anyone in the chain of the command who cooperated in it should spend some time in prison for this and I think all of their assets need to be confiscated and given to these children and their families for the damage that it most certainly has caused and will cause in the future.