Saturday, November 2, 2019

Take Pelosi and dump her in ocean

This is concerning we need to sue the Democratic Party. Now is the time for past democrats to step forward and save the Democratic Party. The following people have almost destroyed the Democratic Party of past good deeds. First we got our ex-president Obama, then we have Hillary, then we have Nancy Pelosi. I recommend the people from the old Democratic Party take Nancy Pelosi back to California, chum the waters of the Pacific Ocean and let Nancy go swimming. While we are getting rid of incompetent people, grab Grant from Channel 12 weather and take him to California for a swim too. We might be able to save the old Democrat Party without Nancy Pelosi leading it. Thank you. And you think about it old democrats. Itís time for us to do something about the Democratic Party or itís gone.

Upkeep needs improvement

Wow, downtown Sikeston, West Malone, the sidewalks put in, the shrubs, trees, etc. are absolutely gorgeous and a grand benefit to walkers, bikers and the elderly. Only got one complaint. The up keep is horribly being neglected and the curb appeal is far from appealing. Whoever does the grass, mows trash and all, the weed eating process is sloppy. It has been looking shabby for a while. I was horrified when I saw the weekend before the Cotton Carnival Parade, a dear lady trying to beautify the fire hydrants by painting, stooped knees down in grass 8-inches deep. The project is uncompleted. As a city of enterprise, letís take more pride in maintaining West Malone beyond Main.

Churches need to update information

A number of churches need to review and update their information in the Friday paper. Some churches are listed twice in different categories ó so two listings would need updating.

How does misdemeanor affect benefits?

If someone is receiving payments from family services and is fined for a misdemeanor under 35 grams of marijuana, how does that impact their continued receipt of benefits?

Leave kids in hot car, go to jail

People that leave their kids in hot cars, they say they do it accidentally and they forget children. Thatís a lie. Most of them just leave them in the car so they donít have to mess with them. Theyíd rather do their shopping and stuff than take care of their babies and kids. I tell you what would stop them. If you left them in the car, you put them in jail. Keep them in jail for a long time. They donít forget their children. How do you forget your children? Thatís ridiculous. Thank you.