Saturday, November 9, 2019

Go back to frontier justice

This is concerning the execution of Russell Bucklew. Twenty-three years before he got put to death. Thatís what you call modern day justice. If it was frontier justice, the morning after he was found guilty he would have been hung. Any society that keeps alive its misfits, etc., will not survive forever. So you all better start looking around because we wonít be here long. He should have died the day after he killed that man and all the people that killed somebody need to die the very next day. Cause theyíre not going to get right with God. They can forget that. God donít like murderers.

Research before being a fool

Yes, this is to the misinformed reader in Speakout, from Oct. 6, speaking about the deaths at the border and President Trump. Sir or maíam, if you would do your due diligence and research you would understand there have been more deaths under Obamaís presidency at the border than under President Trump. Please do your research before making a fool out of yourself.

Homeless shelter in Sikeston

Iím just curious, is the convenience store on North Main doubling as a homeless shelter?

Stop paying for Greitens' attorneys

Did anyone know that we are paying for disgraced ex-governor Eric Greitens' lawyers in his ongoing legal problems? Missouri taxpayers have spent $366,000 on private attorneys for Greitens. I think thatís wrong.

Caring is equal across the board

Remember all you working parents and women who expect someone else to take care of your children that I as a child care worker only care as much about your children as you care about mine.