Saturday, November 16, 2019

Does someone want to cut down a tree?

Yes, Iím looking for someone to cut a tree down in my yard. Itís not a big tree but it has no holes in it. Itís been here since my grandmother bought the property in 1954. Itís got some limbs kind of wrapped around. It would make excellent firewood for somebodyís fireplace this winter. And we donít have one. If youíre interested in it, it is 573-748-6035 and we have a relative who said they would help cut and load it if youíre interested. Itís a pretty nice tree. It just has some limbs from the tree in the yard behind us is all. Thank you.

Look in the mirror and see what you did

I live over here on Cambridge. Itís always been a nice street, nothing going on. But someone stole a big wall mirror off of my property, from my front porch. And I hope that you look in it and see how proud you need to be of yourself because someday you will pay for it.

Pick up the mail

I live in the Kathleen Manor apartments. Several times Iíve had mail to be picked up and the mailman hasnít picked it up. Please look at the boxes to see if mail is to be picked up. Thank you.

Cummings did nothing for the US

I would like to speak out on the funeral in Boston today of Elijah Cummings. He did not do one thing in his whole congressional career for the United States. If it was not for Baltimore, Maryland or the people therein he could care less. Thank you.

Local gas prices are a rip off

Yes, I know I keep calling every time I go to St. Louis but when I come back home here in Sikeston Iím so peeíd off when I see gas prices. Up there in St. Louis theyíve got clean act. The fuel is cleaner. Two dollars and one cent. Down here, $2.29 and some places more. Itís a shame, itís a rip off and thatís all itís about. Our fuel is dirtier and we pay more for it. But thatís what Speakout is for. You can call and talk about getting screwed every day of life.