Saturday, December 14, 2019

What is the solution?

I read the opinion, or editorial, of the co-editor of the paper about the crisis in our healthcare delivery system and the cost of drugs. We don’t need an editorial about what we all know. What is the opinion of this paper on a specific solution or the opinion of our elected leaders, like Sen. Blunt, Sen. Hawley, Congressman Smith, Gov. Parson, or even President Trump who promised a better cheaper healthcare system. They’ve all had at least three years of virtually complete political power in their hands. What we need is someone with the political will and commitment to lead this country to a solution. Or simply accept the chaos and keep griping.

Wow, exactly what I was trying to get across in my column (not an editorial by the way) that you didn’t approve of. I’m not a politician or have any say but I guess if I shouldn’t write an editorial on what we already know, does that go for anonymous Speakouts, too?

Sharing on Facebook is 'stupid'

People are always worried about people getting their personal information. If they’d stay off of Facebook and all that crap people wouldn’t know their personal information. Anything they do they have to put on Facebook. That is so dumb. They put their children’s pictures and stuff on there, that is stupid. How they expect people not to know their personal life if they put everything on there for everybody in the country to see. It ought to be against the law to be on Facebook and stuff. It’s stupid. Alrighty. Thank you.