Saturday, December 21, 2019

Leaves in Sikeston look bad

Yes, this is to the City of Sikeston. Employees down at City Hall. I was wondering if they are ever going to sweep the streets. If somebody throws a match out there in the streets where there is leaves up against the curbs are they going to be responsible if the leaves catch on fire and burn the houses down? I dont think youll print this but I would like for you to print it. Id like for you to ride around town and look at the leaves in the street of the City of Sikeston. It makes the city really look bad. If people are going to move into town, nobody wants to live in a town like that. Thank you.

The number for Sikeston City Hall is 471-2511.

What is wrong with the world?

Yes, Id like to know why the Scott County deputy that had sexual relations with the young man in the Scott County police car is still running loose. What is wrong with our world now?

He is out on bond while his case goes through the courts.

Liars get defensive when caught

Have you ever noticed that when you call somebody out on a lie, when they are lying to you, the first thing they do is get mad and get defensive. For instance, Joe and Miss Pelosi? And also, if Miss Pelosi is a Catholic, I may have to change churches. Thank you.

Were all gonna die?

Hey, there is no God and you are going to die. Everyone is going to die.

Thanks for the uplifting words this Christmas season.

Questions about jails

Mr. Editor, who decides who the administrators of jails are? Who makes that decision? What are there qualifications? What are the local salaries? How much is the funding for the local and regional jails and where does this money come from? I think you need to lay that out for everybody.