Southeast announces fall 2019 Deanís List

Friday, December 27, 2019

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. ó†Several students have been named to the fall 2019 Deanís List at Southeast Missouri State University.

Students named to the list earned at least a 3.75 grade point average on a 4.0 scale, completed at least 12 hours of standard graded credit, achieved no grade below a B and received no failing grades in enrolled courses, including credit/no credit or pass/fail courses.

These students include: Corey Bowles of Chaffee; Skyla Martin of Bloomfield; Demi Parker of Dexter; Tangie Plaskie of Sikeston; Alex Elsey of Sikeston; Josh Sifford of Puxico; Jeremy Gremard of Scott City; Haleigh Allred of East Prairie;

Kali Rice of East Prairie; Lindsey Martindale of New Madrid; Nicholas Hoang of Sikeston; Hannah She; nia of Scott City; Alondria Farr of New Madrid; Kasey Williams of Portageville; Geoff Wood of Sikeston; Austin Comstock of Canalou; Tyler Caldwell of Bloomfield; Ryan Fortner of Scott City; Matt Vernon of Bernie; Victoria Blue of Chaffee; Kasey Schrunk of Sikeston; Chelsea Baker of Puxico; Taylor Birk of Advance; Morgan Blankenship of Scott City; Megan Gremard of Canalou; Autumn Pittman of Dexter; Taylor Raines of Scott City; Carlys Ricketts of Chaffee; Dottie Turner of East Prairie; Dalton Wilson of Advance; Jaden Barnes of Sikeston; Mattie Bolen of Sikeston; Kama Collier of Benton; Chloe Dambach of Lilbourn; McKayla Dumey of Oran; Christina Gaines of Sikeston; Matt Givens of Sikeston; Zach Hahs of Benton; Andrea Hamm of Scott City; Gretchen Hanlin of East Prairie; Sydney Henson of New Madrid; Allie Holifield of Sikeston; Rachael Huntsman of Dexter; Mckenzie Hutson of Scott City; Stephanie Jansen of Kelso; Claudea Kuykendall of Sikeston; Erica Maddox of Portageville; Stewart Mayo of Bloomfield; Noah Pettit of Oran; Emily Phillips of Oran; Aleena Robbins of Essex; Mitchell Schaefer of Oran; Hannah Scherer of Jackson; Reece Scherer of Oran; Carley Schlitt of Oran; Hannah Seyer of Chaffee; Clayton Stull of Scott City; Alicia Sullinger of Advance; Vicky Throgmorton of Advance; Maegan Walker of Charleston; Montana Cook of East Prairie; Breanna Williamson of Essex; Paige cNeely of Scott City; Abby Sparkman of Sikeston;

Danielle Barry of Puxico; Connor Dugan of East Prairie; Addison McGill of Sikeston; Jocee Dunn of East Prairie; Hannah Crawford of Portageville; Alana Basham of Sikeston; Erin Calvert of Gideon; Erica Carmack of Benton; Elizabeth Welter of Sikeston; Austin Denny of Puxico; Caitlyn Earnheart of Risco; Michaela Gaskins of Wardell; Noah Hahn of Scott City; Logan Heisserer of Scott City; Bridget Leavitt of Sikeston; Lindsey Moore of Sikeston; Paige Tucker of Chaffee; Gabrielle Wicker of East Prairie; Anna Kate Klueppel of Sikeston; Rebecca Sanders of Dexter; Jamie Glastetter of Benton; Tanner Moody of Clarkton; Anna Sadler of Chaffee; Audrey Keller of Sikeston; Jake McGruder of East Prairie; Matt Babb of Portageville; Micaela Griffin of Dexter; Lindsey Koch of Chaffee; Maggie Penrose of Chaffee; Kiana Cannon of Chaffee; Hannah Glueck of Chaffee; Kaitlin McFerron of Chaffee; Jessica Robinson of Advance; Brenna Hahn of Oran; Courtney Jones of Sikeston; JaxonMarie Wright of Sikeston; Samuel Cox of Sikeston; Josh Stinnett of Sikeston; Amanda Blaylock of Clarkton; Janie Lindsey of Dexter; Bethany Hyten of Dexter; Christie Stallings of Sikeston; Layton Hampton of Wardell; Caleb Swallows of Puxico; Logan Acup of Clarkton; Amber Dukes of Sikeston; Katie Glueck of Chaffee; Sydney Kern of Chaffee; Kylie Noe of Sikeston; Wesley Fluharty of Sikeston; Savannah Shaffer of Chaffee; Dalton Stanley of Oran; Mary Beth Knutson of Chaffee; Alex Eftink of Chaffee; Micah Wallace of Sikeston; Chelsy McDonald of Bell City; Melinda Scheffer of Morley; Abagail Estes of Scott City; Jerry Williams of Portageville; Aleigha Blagg of Bell City; Joseph Landewee of Chaffee; Shawn Lowery of Benton; Garrett Orr of Dexter; Deborah Proffer of Advance; Lauren Wadlington of Benton; Hunter Bryant of Sikeston; Hallie Bollinger of Chaffee; Mattison Cline of Chaffee; Kylie Wilhite of Chaffee; Kamryn Graviett of Chaffee; Jenifer Kean of Kelso; Addison Ziegler of Kelso; Olivia Schlosser of Oran; Lexi Hennecke of Scott City; Bailee Lathum of Scott City; Chris Phillips of Scott City; Makayla Job of Scott City; Becca Hegeman of Scott City; Kathryn Price of Sikeston; Madison Davis of Sikeston; Chazmin Williams of Sikeston; Savannah Smith of Sikeston; Gus Eby of Sikeston; Dawson Yates of Sikeston; Adrianna Jefferson of Charleston;

Austin Carmack of Oran; Madelyn Webb of Dexter; Grace Shipman of Dexter; Garrett Hanlin of East Prairie; Maddie Christian of Sikeston; MacKenzie Smith of Gideon; Madison Livingston of Portageville; Taylor Beggs of Sikeston; Marsha Loomes of Anniston; Michael OíLoughlin of Chaffee; Melissa Ozment of Sikeston;

Rhea Schaefer of Sikeston; Melissa Slinkard of Chaffee; Taylor Vangennip of Advance; Lauren Whistler of Chaffee; Madelyn Johnson of East Prairie; Addie Curtis of Advance; Sophie Freeman of Dexter; Kari Pepple of Chaffee; Megan Northern of Sikeston; Kelsey Dixon of Bloomfield; Emily Smith of Dexter; Claire Conaway of Charleston; Olivia Bullock of Scott City; Storm Glastetter of Chaffee;

Brandi Morgan of Bernie; Erica Overton of Advance; Dailey Bond of Chaffee; Miranda Menz of Chaffee; Tammy Moore of Advance; Teddy Stone of Bell City; Jessica Smith of Bell City; Collin Dumey of Benton; Max Priggel of Chaffee; Sara Burch of Chaffee; Lexi Spurgeon of Chaffee; Emma Wilhelm of Kelso; Jackson Diebold of Oran; Claire Ramsey of Oran; Brent Glenzy of Scott City; Adam Moeser of Scott City; Chloe Clayton of Scott City; M. Sanders of Sikeston; Ella Crader of Sikeston; Reagan Swain of Sikeston; Skyler Bentsen of Sikeston; Shakyra Jones Jones of Sikeston; Berenise Castro of Sikeston; Camilo Weinert-Palomino of Bloomfield; Rylee Allen of Bloomfield; Sydney Mayo of Bloomfield;

Alicia Pemberton of Charleston; Jeremy Craft of Charleston; Arianna Carter of Dexter; Keirstan Keirsey of Dexter; Ashlyn Christian of Sikeston; Jaclyn Christian of Sikeston; Adalyn Byassee of East Prairie; Emily Blunt of Essex; Alex Goode of Gideon; Shira Bills of Lilbourn; Lyndsey Deen of Matthews; Evelyn Stratton of Parma; Cassidy Hughes of Portageville; Connor Eidson of Portageville; Emily Brown of Portageville; Saelem Sipes of Portageville; Sophia Hancock of Puxico; Jessica Niedbalski of Advance; Ariel Morrow of Benton; Amy Boyt of Dexter; Theresa Borders of East Prairie; Alexa Wheeler of Essex; Tyler Glueck of Scott City; Elizabeth Bolen of Sikeston; Kathleen Ellison of Sikeston; Amanda Lalk of Sikeston; Brandon Vines of Sikeston; Candy Ward of Sikeston.