Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Take trash cans off the curb

Us realtors are going broke. We cannot sell a house on a street that is decorated and lined up with a bunch of trash cans sitting out in front all week long. People with not enough class to help keep their neighborhood looking decent, or just donít care, need some coaching from their neighbors who do. Always be respectful of your neighborhood. Please bring your trash cans off the street as soon as possible after they have been emptied. A perfect example is Marion Street and Glenn Drive.

Wanting to say thank you

I just want to say thank you the Morehouse Police Chief Jackie Hayes for the way he handled my brotherís death. He went above and beyond his duty. And I want to say thank you to Nunnelee Funeral Chapel and Grant Atchley for all the help they have been as well. They have all been so kind and have went above and beyond.