Saturday, January 18, 2020

Story was one of entrapment

I realized that we are trying to stop all these school shooting but there are certain rules of laws that we must follow. I for one, this story of entrapping of Lamar Northern, is nothing but a childless prank. The real story is who was the child with autism Lamar was babysitting. Now, he is sitting in jail with a hole in his back from surgery, which needed to be changed twice a day. The kicking part of this is I am in it.

Take their kids away!

People that leave their kids in the car need to have their kids took away and put in jail. Like that ole gal on the news this morning. She left her 13-month old baby in the carseat asleep, left the motor running and went in. Somebody got her car and took off with her baby. Thank God the baby is ok. The mom should be in jail and the baby should be took away. You do your kids like that, you can’t care too much about em. Thank you.

Legal system was overzealous

In order to understand where I am coming from you must do what I do. Put yourself in a tug-of-war concept with words. A boy, just had surgery on his back side and one of you got the best of you. But he was not recording you. Maybe he was slow and did not know better. Now we see the police guilty, passing buck and a judge, DA and all the school shootings gave way to an overzealous system to have my nephew’s head on a platter.