Saturday, February 8, 2020

Thank you, Councilman

Councilman Foster was out this morning in Miner cleaning out the leaves and debris out of the drainage system so it could drain. Weíve had a lot of heavy rain lately and it needed to be drained out. So he was out there doing his part. We sure do appreciate you Councilman Foster. Thank you.

Please take trash cans off the curb

The real estate agents in town are going broke. They cannot sell a house on a street that is decorated and lined up with a bunch of trash cans that are setting out in front all week long. People with not enough class to help keep their neighborhood looking decent, or just donít care, need some coaching from their neighbors who do. Always be respectful of your neighborhood. Please bring your trash cans off the street as soon as possible after they have been emptied. Thank you so much.

Pelosi brings new degradation

Nancy Pelosi, House speaker, is a government official that has become so self-indulgent, self-centered and no longer cares what happens to people. Behavior like this appears in our elected officials today and have brought this country to new depths of degradation. I pray that God will have mercy on America and that he will send revival to the government officials before they cross the line of no return. Hey, just jump on the Trump bandwagon and make America great again.

Open compost site more

Iím calling about the compost schedule for 2020. I just got it. I noticed there are only two days per month. I think that is a little ridiculous. If BMU canít supply people to man the compost at least three times a month, or four, maybe you should open it up to retirement people that would gladly go out there and sit while it is open. Thank you.

Put away the animal abuser

The person who tortured that little dog in Carbondale. That little dog who was on KFVS-TV news just now, needs to be put away forever. You donít rehabilitate that kind of evil. Put him in prison and make him wear a shirt with a picture of what he did that dog and let the other inmates take care of him. I imagine they will.