Two COVID-19 patients in care at Poplar Bluff hospital

Monday, March 30, 2020

POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. — For the last several days, Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center has been working collaboratively with the Missouri Department of Health and the health departments in surrounding counties after two patients presented on separate accounts to its emergency room.

Test results have confirmed both patients have the novel coronavirus, according to a news release issued early Monday by the Poplar Bluff hospital. The patients, who are not Butler County residents, remain in hospital’s care.

Since identifying the patients as potentially having COVID-19, the individuals have been separated from other patients in appropriate infection isolation rooms which only a small team of caregivers access, according the news release. Visitors and other patients who might come to the hospital for treatment or procedures are not in this area of the hospital, it said.

“I'm happy to report, COVID-19 protocols were already in place and all staff who came in contact with these patients followed all CDC guidelines," said Bryan S. Bateman, CEO at Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center.

It is important to note, the numbers reported by the state represent the county of residence for each individual. The presence of a COVID-19 positive patient in a Poplar Bluff hospital will not change the Butler County confirmed positive cases count which, as of Monday morning, was still zero. The hospital has not yet released which counties the patients reside or any other circumstances regarding their illnesses.

“Our hospital continually works to ensure preparedness for all types of infectious diseases. We are well prepared to support these patients during treatment and to continue providing medical care for all patients in our care,” Bateman said. “We take seriously our role in helping to keep our community healthy, and we appreciate the agencies that are assisting us.”

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