Friday, April 17, 2020

No to school tax after BMU increase

I appreciate the need for some new schools but how can we afford an increase in our school tax when our utility bills keep increasing? I just got my February BMU bill and it went up $100 with the new increase. How can I pay for that and a higher school tax? At some point something has to give. One thing that isnít giving is my boss giving me a raise. Iím sorry but I canít vote yes on the school bond issue and I hope the rest of Sikeston wonít as well. We just canít keep giving more and more money.

Stop with the school tax increases

Enough with the school tax stuff. Enough. Iím voting no. We already have increasing expenditures in this town and you want to raise our school taxes too? Please stop.

School bond issue is too costly

So, New Madrid can have a no-tax increase for their schools. East Prairie can build two new schools for $7.5 million. Why is Sikeston going to raise taxes 11%? It costs $18 million for two new schools? Címon Sikeston, give me a break. I get the need for new schools but not at that price. Iím voting no and you should, too.

We contacted the Beeter Schools for Better Communities Committee, which provided the following response: ďSchool construction and tax levies have several components making it challenging to compare projects between districts. Sikeston has improvement needs similar to New Madrid, and many of those improvement projects are being funded without an increase in the debt levy. These simply cannot meet new construction needs without taxpayer support of the 42-cent levy increase. Facility improvements in Sikeston are being made when feasible. Unfortunately, Lee Hunter Elementary (1954) and C Building (1960) renovations are not cost-effective, and new construction is needed. As for the $18 million for two new Sikeston schools vs. $7.5-million for East Prairie schools, it is a matter of square footage, site development and design. A recent Standard Democrat article regarding the new builds in East Prairie referenced building square footage of 33,000. Sikeston is asking for taxpayers support for two buildings with a combined square footage of 71,000 to handle the larger number of students in the R-6 District. The R-6 District and the Better Schools for Better Communities Committee have information to share with the community on project details and levy calculations on a website: schools4sikeston.com.Ē

Look at past tax bills

Yes, I would like to comment on the proposed school tax increase that is coming up for a vote. I would like to encourage people to go back and look at the school tax bills from five years ago today. Look at your BMU bill from five years ago today. See a trend. Your rent is going to increase because of higher taxes. Your house payment is going to go up. Sikeston schools will have better buildings but the quality of education wonít improve. Ask yourself if you can afford it. Sikeston schools will be wanting another increase in two years. I encourage you to vote no. Thank you for letting me speak out.

Please vote no on bond issue

Please, please, please vote no on the school bond issue. We have to pay enough as it is. Iím not getting any extra money to pay for the increase because Iím not getting any raises anytime soon. Yet Iím expected to pay more for school taxes. Please vote no. Think about those of us who live month to month.