Saturday, April 18, 2020

No coronavirus in Russia

How come Russia doesnít have people with this coronavirus? I have heard about every country has it. I think Trump thinks it is going to be over in a couple of weeks. I donít see how it can be. It is all over the United States. It probably wonít be over until this fall according to a man on TV. He said may be over in August. Heís probably right. It might be longer. Iím a little scared to get out. I wear a mask but it is old and itís tearing up and I donít know where I can find anymore. Everywhere I go they say they are out of them. If anybody knows where I can find them, let me know.

As of April 17, there were over 3,388 cases in Russia. There are a lot of people on television predicting a lot of different things.

Someone is lying about the masks

The president today has sent out masks and everything. Someone is telling lies. I see on television the hospitals are not getting masks and gowns. They are having to wear trash bags for gowns. That is a disgrace. We see that on TV. Here in Southeast Missouri we canít find no masks of any kind. We need these when we go to the grocery and pay our bills and doctors. Iím scared to go to the doctorís without a mask. Someone is lying about all the masks. Here in Southeast Missouri weíre not getting none of them.