Saturday, April 25, 2020

More Sikeston R-6 bond discussions

The bond vote in June needs our support and Iím a yes vote. After figuring up the increase for my household it was a much more manageable amount than I thought. I encourage everyone to figure their own rate increase because I think youíll be surprised. I also note that this an investment in our community and in our kids future. Itís worth it to me to know that my kids and the kids of this community will be in a warm, safe environment that is bright and modern where they are excited to attend and learn. The ripple effects of these building will be beyond that of the children who will directly benefit. But these kids deserve it and are reason enough to make this investment.


I am voting no on the upcoming bond issue. My hours have been cut because of this coronavirus and I wonder how Iím going to be able to pay my electric bills, let alone a higher school tax. I think new school buildings should be the least of our concern during this time.


So I guess we can all vote no on the school bond issue since schools are now being taught in the home right? It goes to show that school buildings arenít the important things. Itís teachers and curriculum. Vote no if the election is ever held.