Wednesday, May 13, 2020

East Prairie church is breaking the law

OK, over here in East Prairie, címon church members, pastors. I know you need that Sunday money but I sat there and counted right outside and there was about 35 of yíall standing together. State law said no more than 10. I guess you think you all are better than everybody else. I hope nobody comes down sick. If so, lawsuit. You just broke the law. Whereís the cops at? Whereís the cops?


Thereís about 25 kids sitting around with all the adults, about 40 people, over here at church in East Prairie. Now pastor, you might can sit and preach the Lordís verses and everything else. But you are not above the law. I just called the East Prairie Police Department. I hope they come out there, because now, some of those kids I know, and they play with my granddaughter. So if one of them comes down sick, you are going to have to ask the Lord to forgive you for breaking the law. For putting these kids lives at risk. There may not be no cases in Mississippi County that we know of. Most of us have not been tested because most of us are poor. But by you breaking the law and you being a preacher Ė and Iím gonna call the main office in St. Louis Ė and Iím gonna see if I can have you replaced or lose your pastor license for what you just done by putting these kids lives at risk. The adults can make their own decisions but the kids, no.

Add TP to Second Amendment

People have a right to buy guns. People do not have the same protection to buy toilet tissue, even though toilet tissue is a necessity. After several weeks of shortages caused by Covid-19, it is still much easier to buy a gun rather than toilet tissue. Unfortunately, guns do a poor job wiping your butt. Maybe the Second Amendment be modified to include toilet tissue?

BMU rates rank ninth

BMU is community powered and proud of the Sikeston community as well as our Sikeston R-6 schools. Last Friday, April 17, there were a few comments in the Speakout section of the Standard-Democrat regarding the school bond proposal referencing BMU rates. The graph (which can be found on BMUís Facebook page or online at www.standard-democrat.com) shows BMUís current 2020 rates compared to the 2018 rates of a few other local communities. According to the data from the American Public Power Association, we are proud to say Sikeston BMUís residential rates rank 9th lowest out of the 132 electric providers in the State of Missouri.


In response to the response that Sikeston BMU made on their Facebook page regarding the recent Speak Out articles I would like to say this. The post they made and graph they used is very, very deceiving and not an accurate or even comparable data on rates in Sikeston versus other Missouri towns. The graph compared 2018 rates of hand selected towns, with only a couple being similar in size, to Sikestonís 2020 rates. In two years a lot can change as we know with our big increase. So thatís the first issue. The second issue is rating our power plant next to 131 others in Missouri and claiming to be 9th in the state for residential rates. As we know our power plant does not provide power to Sikeston alone. It sells to others also. We do not have access to what these towns have to pay. It could be very cheap for them which would cause our average to be less which would couple put us at the better end of the 132 plants. That does not mean Sikeston has it better. The Sikeston community is fed up with the lies, deceit, and misinformation our leaders are spreading. We want honesty before we put anymore money in any tax.

Caller doesnít read the newspaper

OK, címon Standard Democrat reporters, Mike Jensen and Dan would have already had this on the front page. COVID-19 virus. Forty-one people. Convenience center there has infections. Says it had been brought in by people bringing supplies in. So that means itís going all over Scott County and how come the people of Scott County ainít hearing about it? I read about it in Southeast up Capeís newspaper. Címon. Letís get this out. We need people to have mask on and everything else. We got it here in Scott County. We got it here. Letís start pushing it people. Letís start doing your job.

Címon caller, can you at least look at our paper and see the stories on our FRONT PAGE about this? Also stories daily on our website. And címon reader, his name was Don not Dan. And címon reader, it wasnít the convenience center.