Friday, May 15, 2020

Burning check because of Trump

If I receive a stimulus check with Trumpís name on it, I will burn it. Is Trump so insecure that he needs to try and promote himself responsible for money approved by the house and senate. Never in history has a presidentís name appeared on an IRS disbursement. How low can this president go to try and brag about himself? He is disgusting.

Donít burn it. Buy a $1,200 ad with the Standard Democrat and let the area know how you feel about Trump.

2020 just sucks

This is a Speakout directed at the year 2020. Twenty-twenty, you suck!

Proud of Miner Fire Department

Hello Miner. This is Don Foster, councilman for the City of Miner. I am proud to see our fire department, doing their neighborhood thing during this trying time to enlighten the mood of our difficulties. Iím proud of the fire chief, all the way down. This is what our town needs in a regrouping phase because we still got a lot time to go before we are healed up. Thatís the whole world. Iím glad weíre doing our part to let the public know in Miner weíre here for them. And the council is there for you. Enjoy the time. If I can help you in any way, please do. Thank you and God bless America.

Political name calling continues

I just read in here where some people are calling people idiots for voting for Democrats. Itís amazing to me, anyone who could vote for a Republican president who is as corrupt and evil as the one we have now must be brain dead. Which I donít even know if we are going to have an election because according to him heís the king and total authority over the whole country. Weíll be lucky if we have an election according to him.

Moving way too fast

I just received a text that someone that I know mother in-law has COVID-19. She lives with them in Cape Girardeau, Mo. It was noted that she has pneumonia and a high fever. I saw earlier on KFVS-TV that the governor is lifting his stay-at-home issued order in two weeks. Really? When I was shopping in Sikeston yesterday, very, very few people were wearing face covering. Is any of this good thinking? I think we are moving way to fast. But that will be seen.

Keep the money, youíre gonna need it

Mr. Trump, the stimulus package that you are planning to send me and my wife, I wish you would keep that money because of all of the low-life, dirty tricks that the Democrats are pulling every day, I feel you are going to need it much more than me. Thank you.

Wife would supplement the economy

I do appreciate the $1,200 I have not yet got. If I would have gotten $1 million out of that billion, some man said every American could get, my wife would supplement the economy before Trump and his conmen did it. Thank you.

Status of Sikeston Farmersí Market?

Considering the coronavirus Iím wondering what is the status of the Sikeston Farmersí Market this year. Has it been canceled or postponed?

The Sikeston Farmersí Market opened for the season on May 9 with social distancing guidelines in place. The market is open from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. every Saturday in Legion Park.