Saturday, May 16, 2020

Citizens need to be protected

I think during this coronavirus crisis, considering how much stress people are already under, that Sikeston needs to rescind its ordinance allowing all-terrain vehicles within the city limits. Itís 3 oíclock in the morning and just heard the motor of one of those going, I donít know where. But I doubt the police are out checking. They canít follow everything. In lieu of that, Sikeston, I think needs a curfew at this time. Especially it should apply to younger people that might be out looking for trouble. I think our citizens need to be protected. Donít you, Mr. Editor?

I do, but the coronavirus doesnít spread any more at night than day so no, I donít think there needs to be a curfew or rescinding of an ordinance allowing UTVs.

Uh, uh! Youíre the idiot

The one that put in Speakout that Democrats, all Democrats are idiots has got it backwards. Anyone that vote for Trump has got to be a big idiot. As big an idiot as ole Trump. Trump only cares about two things: Trump and money. Youíve got to be an idiot if you voted for him. Thatís all I got to say.

We do love the intellectual political arguments in Speakout.

Just another hand slap?

I would like to know what happened to the man that stole all the money from the American Legion. He took money from our veterans that needed it a lot more than him. Is all he is going to do is get his hands slapped like many other crooked?

The person in questionís case is still in the court system.

Trump should shorten briefings

Trump should shorten the length of his daily corona virus task force briefing on television. The longer Trump talks, the further he sticks his foot down his own throat.

Biden has a theory

I understand that Joe Biden says that if the country had been doing a much better job on global warming and green machine that this virus would never had got out of Hangzhou, China.