Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Response to East Prairie churches congregating

In regard to the Speakouts, “East Prairie church is breaking the law” that was published in the Standard Democrat May 13, East Prairie mayor Kevin Mainord provided the following response and said that churches congregating is not governed by the city government or the police department. “Those instances are on county health officials,” Mainord said. The mayor added that they cooperate with the Mississippi County Health Department as a city government and police department and if they are contacted about a problem then they are brought in.

Others should match BMU

Thanks BMU for the discount. Hey Liberty and AT&T, how about matching them?

Trump is for sure insane

I know now for sure that Trump is insane. Among all his other lies he’s telling us to inject disinfectant into our bodies. What idiot would listen to and vote for this man?

Trump should drink the Lysol first

Mr. President you drink Lysol or any disinfectant first. If you die we won’t try this to kill the virus. I know a lot of people that believe everything you say but I don’t believe the first word that comes out of your mouth. Thank you.

Yes, Lambert’s is in Scott County

Good afternoon southeast Missouri. Hello Miner, Missouri. Yes, we are in Scott County and we are proud to have Miner in our town and in Scott County. Seems like some people need to do some research before they call in, because don’t want to make them look like an idiot themselves you know. Just saying. I hope everybody is out there being safe. Practice being safe. I know there’s a lot that’s not. They think they’re Superman and Wonder Woman. Anyway, cover up, masks on, gloves on and if you have to stay home. We’re alright. We’ve been through other diseases too. Have a great day and God bless America.

Trump’s briefings reveals he’s terrible

Trump’s aids have insisted that he stop doing daily briefings on TV, that’s because the longer he talks, the more he lies, and reveals how terrible he is.

Clean the soap, too

With all the talk about washing your hands often, remember if you use a bar of soap to rinse off the bar of soap after using it. A relative in the sciences said to me years ago, “you have no idea how much contamination is left on a bar of soap after you use it.” So please consider the next person to use a bar of soap after you and rinse it off for them.

Obama blamed for coronavirus

On April 24, 2020, I discovered from Rush Limbaugh, that in 2015, Obama gave US money to China for research on coronavirus. And China gave the money to Wuhan, because that’s where their level four facility for research is located. In disbelief, on April 29, 2020, I called Faune Riggin at KSIM 1400 radio and she indeed confirmed that Obama did give money to China for coronavirus research. Confirm this for yourself.

According to a fact check story done by the USA Today that was printed May 4, the Obama administration did not give money to China for research on coronavirus.

What about Morehouse?

I’m just calling about the virus. They’re talking about all these different tests that have been done in different places. All I wanted to say is they haven’t done no testing at all in Morehouse, Missouri, around Essex and around. We was just wondering about the people in Morehouse.

If someone in Morehouse feels they have symptoms they should call their doctor and they will be told where to go to be tested.

Thank you, Dennis

We want to thank Dennis Ziegenhorn for his men (signs) that have been along North Main to encourage everybody during this quarantine time. What a blessing. What a joy.