Friday, May 29, 2020

Thank you for following guidelines

I would to thank all the businesses who are following social distancing and guidelines for getting back in business. To those who are not following the rules, shame on you, and I will take you off of my list of places to go. Thank you.

Virus an excuse to skip church

I donít understand why people wonít go to church because they are afraid theyíll catch that virus, but theyíll run all over Walmart and all over the country. I donít understand that. Your less likely to catch it in that church than all over the country. Youíre afraid to go to church but every time a car goes by their going somewhere. Now that is utterly ridiculous. I donít understand it. I think itís just an excuse not to go to church.

Amazed at anti-Trump people

I am reading the May 15 Friday paper, the Speakout section, and I am amazed at the number of anti-Trump people. Itís really kind of a scary thing to think we have that many people who are out of touch with reality. Your beloved Nancy Pelosi wants to give illegal immigrants your tax dollars. They want to give them your $1,200 stimulus check. To the person who said they would burn it, instead why donít you just find either a homeless person or an illegal immigrant and just feel sorry for them like you do everybody else and give them your check. You people are listening to liberal outlets only. I listen to many outlets and then I divide whatís true and not true with facts. And thatís what you donít understand.

Keep Dade at home

If anything good has came out of this virus, is we donít have to watch Grant Dade gallop across the weather board while sucking for air. Please keep him at home.