Friday, June 5, 2020

Postal service is lacking

I have a need to make a complaint against our postal service. I shipped a package on Monday, May 18 to Texas, which was supposed to be delivered on Saturday, May 23. Package was not delivered. Upon tracking the package not only was it not in Texas just running late, it was in Des Moines, Iowa. They complain about not making money but with this type of service, they should be happy to have any customers at all.

In need of a barrel

Yes, I’m looking for a 55-gallon burn barrel with no lid that can be delivered. Please leave your name and number and information in the paper and I will get it from there. Thank you.

Time for city offices to reopen

After about two months it’s time our municipal city offices reopen where people can conduct business.

Glad Trump tweet was flagged

I am pleased to see that Twitter has flagged Trump for posting “inaccurate” and “glorifying violence” tweets. I hope the other social media outlets begin flagging his posts when needed as well. After three-and-a-half years in office, this just might encourage Trump to start acting like a president should act. The people of this great country don’t deserve his childish behavior, his lies and his hateful rhetoric.

Going to take business out of town

I’m a big proponent of supporting local business, but if the businesses don’t start giving the public the service they should expect, then I am going to start going out of town to do business where I can get service and respect. I’ve been to a major super market chain now twice in the past three days and both times the service has been terrible. And the same goes for a local bank. Thank you.