Friday, June 19, 2020

Rioters are opportunistic thugs

What’s happened to George Floyd is irreprehensible and atrocious. Those officers are going to get what they deserve. My gripe is the protestors who are out there to loot, kill, break and burn in Mr. Floyd’s name. They are opportunistic thugs and are the reason blacks are viewed with fear or malice. If you believe in something that needs to change, you must protest peacefully in order to get your voice heard. Otherwise you’re just a thug and you’re showing everyone else their opinion of blacks are valid.

Who sharpens lawnmower blades

I want to know who in Sikeston sharpens lawnmower blades and you need to put it in Wednesday’s paper because that’s the only one I get.

You need to get a subscription and then you’ll be sure to see it when we run it in a Friday or Sunday.

Votes don’t add up

Yes, I would like to know why on the vote this week the bond 2,927 votes; board members total was 1,857 votes and the council 2,225 votes. That just seems like a big discrepancy. Thanks.

Not everyone who votes casts a vote on every issue.

Is it surprising?

I heard on Heartland News this evening that the SEMO District Fair will proceed as usual. And while I was in Walmart today, two young parents had their child in a cart. The child was continuously coughing. As I past them, I heard the father say, “cover your mouth when you cough.” And there were very few people wearing face coverings. Heartland News also said that COVID-19 is continuing to increase in Missouri. Is that really surprising?

Where are the protestors?

I just heard on the news a white cop in St. Louis was killed by two black guys. I just want to know where is the protestors? Where’s people standing out with signs about white lives matter too? They’re not tearing up things, jumping up and down because a white cop got killed by two black people. The race is on both sides. Just because a black person gets killed by a white person doesn’t mean it’s racist. Somebody needs to do something too about them killing a white person too.

Why no protests after Sikeston shooting?

Hello, I see where there is two killed and seven injured on Plantation Drive in Sikeston. Why are there no protests going on on Plantation. Or no protests going on in the city. Does anyone have an answer to why there were no protests?