Saturday, June 20, 2020

Too many people at Complex

OK, I just canít believe this over here at the Sikeston city park. Parents are allowing their kids to play baseball, soccer and everything. Supposed to be no more than 25-50 people in a group. Thereís hundreds. I cannot believe your putting your kids at risk. COVID-19 is everything. People still dying of it. Thereís probably 2,000 people sitting over here. I videoed this and Iím gonna send it in to the state and Iím going to make a report. The City of Sikeston should be monitoring this. The State of Missouri is not completely open where it says 500,000 can be grouped together. I just cannot believe these people are doing this. Putting your own life at risk, leave the kids alone. Keep them away from everybody. Thatís a shame.

Gonna rat Sikeston out to the state

I just did some research, State of Missouri coronavirus 19 has increased 25% since the governor has opened up, not fully yet. The group should be no more than 25. I called yesterday about the Complex. All these kids. All these people around that. I would like to know who is in charge, who is liable and everything else? Iím fixing to make a report to the State of Missouri on Monday morning. So the City of Sikeston better get ready and none of those kids better not get tested or the parents or gonna be responsible or the City of Sikeston is gonna be responsible because the state says no more than 25 in a group. Twenty-five, no matter if your rich or not.

Learn how to obey the law

I just got finished with the Wednesday paper and Iím looking in here about all the proposed programs and ideas of how to make a community, make more understanding, make better awareness. Until somebody in the city government, plum to the White House, learns how to say ďno, you are going to learn how to obey the law,Ē it will never get any better.

Stop shooting each other

If black lives matter so much, why donít they quit shooting each other all the time?