Wednesday, June 24, 2020

New mayor has vendetta against business

After attending the City of Miner board meetings June 8 and June 15 I believe that the new Mayor Frank Tatum has a personal vendetta against utility trailer manufacturers in the area. The new ordinance that he tried to get passed regarding new businesses coming to the area is crazy. Restricting new manufacturing businesses coming in to the town will to cut out tax revenue that a struggling small town desperately needs. But itís not just trailer manufacturing that heís against. Its any business besides motels and gas stations. His ideas will bankrupt the city in his term. He has his personal agenda and is using his position as mayor to take care of his personal issues with certain citizens. Personally attacking business owners who have been in business in Miner for many years, who have brought lots of tax dollars to the community due to their sales and the motel stays and fuel purchases for the customers purchasing trailers. If a new business wanted to locate in Miner and attended a board meeting, that business would run fast and far. The meetings are a joke. The mayor dismisses any idea that is not his, talks over the other board members and constantly interrupts as they are discussing issues that he disagrees with. One of the most fair, level headed board members that Miner has had in many years resigned due to the manner in which Frank Tatum is running over the board. The city is in sad shape with this leader.