Friday, June 26, 2020

Look what you made me do

Starting today, June 15, 2020, anybody that buys a Taylor Swift record or CD should be deported from the United States.

What happened with Paducah TV signal?

What happened to Paducah TV in our area. On our small indoor antenna, Paducah used to come in good and clear. Now all you can get is Channel 23 which has no weather or news. Will it ever revert back to Paducah as it was in the past? I watched news and weather during breakfast and God bless America and please everybody stay well.

Restaurants open or caller stops going

Now that the governor in the state of Missouri has dropped all restrictions on business and government offices, I would expect the restaurants and government facilities to comply with those restrictions that have been dropped and open up dine-in facilities and provide customer services. If not, I will no longer be patronizing those businesses.